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Pigmalion Animation Studio® is a Colombian animation studio winner of several national and international awards of great importance in the animation industry such as the AOM Award of Autodesk® and the CG Award of CGcociety.

Combining art, story development and technology, Pigmalion Animation Studio® generates unique and innovative content, but more importantly, with the quality standards demanded by the international animation industry. all our human talent is trained and certified by companies such as Autodesk® and Disney®, implementing workflows and technologies that no other studio in the country possesses. We work every day to build a legacy of innovation and creativity.

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At the moment all of our tutorials are in Spanish, but soon we will enable this section in English, thanks for your patience with this inconvenience.

Eye's Anatomy in 3D and 2D

Cleanplate in Nuke®x

Walk Cycle in Maya®

Basic Python: Ball Animation


Vector Displacement Maps

Vector Displacement Maps are a new technology that allows the displacement of meshes in three dimensions using vectors, in contrast to the methods that allow the displacement only along the normal of a surface.